Bircher Muesli - a delicious and healthy start to your day

December 29, 2017

Bircher Muesli is a delicious basic mix of apple juice, milk, grated apple and oatmeal.  You can customise it though - add your favourite unflavoured yogurt - coconut, Greek, strained, low-fat or full-fat.  Add plain rolled oats.  I do add chia seeds to mine and I think that any kind of seeds are an acceptable addition.  You can leave it to soak overnight if you prefer a softer texture, but it's not necessary.



Ingredients -

(Serves 2)


6 tbsp apple juice

1 dessert apple, coarsely grated

Splash of milk, to loosen

Handful of chia seeds

Your fruits of choice - I used pomegranate seeds, banana, raspberries & blueberries

Tablespoonful of yoghurt, to top

Honey, to top (optional)


Method -

Soak the oats , milk and apple in the apple juice overnight.

Layer your ingredients as follows -

Pomegranate seeds

Bircher Muesli




More Yogurt

Top with raspberries & pomegranate

Add honey (if required)

Serve immediately.



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Shop local and try to use seasonal ingredients - they will be freshest and most economical



Buy the best you can afford - even if it means making do with less.



Keep it simple - and as unprocessed as possible.  Butter and E.V. Olive Oil over margarine, spreads and processed vegetable oils,