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Meat-free Monday

I had some roasted aubergines and roast peppers left over from a wee dinner party earlier on in the week, so I made a simple sugo and added the roast veg to the cooked tomato sauce. Aubergines have an incredible meaty quality that works really well for the Carnivores among us who enjoy eating veggie once in a while. Portobello Mushrooms are the same - its possible to enjoy a great veggie burger made with roast mushroom, peppers & a crunchy onion ring with no sign of any soya substitutes to taint the experience.

Recipe for Roast Peppers

4 x red peppers

2 tspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 crushed garlic

1/2 bunch chopped parsley

salt & pepper to taste

Put red peppers in a baking tray and cook slowly in a medium oven for about 45 minutes - when soft and the skin charred, turn off the oven and leave until the next day. Take the skin off the peppers and finely cut into strips, adding all ingredients. Put in the fridge and allow all the flavours to infuse.

Recipe for Roast Aubergines

2 Medium sized Aubergines

2 tspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil

salt & pepper to taste

1 tbsp ground cumin

2 crushed garlic

1/2 bunch chopped parsley

Cut aubergines into 8 (peel if you like) and arrange on a baking tray. Sprinkle with cumin, olive oil, salt & pepper. Cook slowly in a medium oven - when soft and the flesh charred, take out of the oven and mix with the garlic & parsley. Put in the fridge and allow all the flavours to infuse.

Use the same Sugo recipe as we used for the Meatballs and once cooked, add the roast veg and bring sauce to the boil - it will then be ready.

It's worth noting that in the photos I've shown a picture with grated parmesan, which the true vegetarians among us wouldn't touch, due to the rennet used in it's production!



Shop local and try to use seasonal ingredients - they will be freshest and most economical



Buy the best you can afford - even if it means making do with less.



Keep it simple - and as unprocessed as possible.  Butter and E.V. Olive Oil over margarine, spreads and processed vegetable oils, 

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