Well-used (and abused) Malm 3 drawer chest gets a bit of T.L.C. and comes back to life

This is the end product, but I'm almost embarrassed to post the beginning photo, however, I will - if only to show that even the most depressed-looking piece of furniture can be cheered up after a wee make-over. Just like all of us!

Many years ago we bought this inoffensive looking chest of drawers and it survived pretty well in various sons' bedrooms, withstanding all sorts of uses - tv stand, computer table, amp stand and repository of various types of contraband (depending on the age of the user at the time). However, after many years it ended up as a mere cache for all kinds of rubbish.

Now here is where it gets embarrassing ...

Here it is after a coat of chalk paint, some finishing wax and the addition of some pretty porcelain drawer knobs. Almost done, but there was something missing. I finished it off by decoupaging the top (as shown before with the Billy bookcase). It has made the top much more resilient to suitcases being put on it, or liquid spills etc. I am delighted with it.



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